Refill Request

To request a refill, please call the pharmacy at:


Press "2" at the menu to go directly to the refill request voicemail box.

Some important things to think about when calling or submitting a refill request:

Do you have any refills left?
If you are out of refills, we will fax your doctor to request that more refills are added to your prescription. This can take time, as many doctors are unable to respond to these requests the same day. In order to make sure that you do not run out of your prescription while we are obtaining your refill request, it is helpful to contact us a few days earlier than normal to ensure your doctor has time to get back to us.

Has your address, credit card number or phone number changed?
Please mention any relevant information such as this in your message to help prevent delays in processing. If you would like us to call you when your prescription is ready, make sure we have the phone number on file that is the best way to reach you.

Money Saving Tip: Order multiple months of your prescription at a time to get significant discounts on price.

Would you like a larger quantity so you can get a bulk discount?
If you are not anticipating a change in your dose, it can be very cost effective to get multiple months of your prescription at a time. While we can dispense up to a six month supply, we are only allowed to dispense up to the quantity listed by your doctor on your prescription. However, we have found many doctors understand their patient's desires to save money, and we are happy to fax your doctor to request an increase in quantity. Please let us know if you are interested in having us request a larger quantity from your doctor when making your refill request.